Bacterial Vaginosis Simple Steps to Follow in Getting Rid of It

If you are one of the women who still don’t know the The Menopause Myth Review best and effective way in avoiding BV, then you are on the right place. I wrote this article just for you to help you stop worrying anymore regarding your condition.

Proper hygiene is very important here. It brings a big impact into our body. You must wash your vaginal area at least twice a day, over washing can cause irritation to the infected area and can possibly worsen the situation.

And do not forget that in washing; avoid using scented soap because it may contain chemicals that can disturb the sensitive part. Also, wipe the vagina from front to back to avoid irritation.

Yogurt is also said to be a very effective home remedy. Yes it is just a simple kitchen ingredient but it helps a lot. It has lactobacilli that fight off against bad odor. You can eat it habitually or use a tampon to apply it vaginally.

You must also watch what you eat. Diet is very important in helping to avoid BV. Avoid foods that are rich in carbohydrates such as sugar, caffeine, cheese, chocolates and alcohols. This helps bad bacteria to over grow. Instead, eat plenty of vegetables and fruits and drink at least 8 glasses of water everyday.


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