P90X Pitfalls Avoid These Three Things And You’ll Do Great!

That said, people often and unknowingly hamperMetabolic Stretching Reviewtheir results, even with the best of intentions. It’s so disappointing to see this happen to people who are otherwise giving their “all,” because I know how hard it is to do so day-in, day-out.

I I recently used a broad range of analysis to determine an unofficial estimate of people who start the program versus people who actually finish it. My conclusion? As best as I could tell, less than 2 people in 10 who start P90X actually finish the program and become a “graduate.” I think falling into one of the below “pitfalls” is ultimately the undoing of most people who start the P90X.

Under-eating By a mile, this is Pitfall Number 1. So many people I coach come to me with inadequate diets, actually thinking that they’re doing the right thing. It’s not their fault – the “right” thing is actually counter-intuitive! (“eat more to lose more”) I’ve discussed this in other blog entries and articles, but “starvation mode” is a dieter’s biggest enemy. People who are doing the P90X (or any exercise program really) want results fast, and therefore they eat less and less, with the belief that this will encourage weight and/or fat loss quickly. Actually, the opposite occurs. When your body isn’t provided the nutrition it needs, it believes it’s being starved and begins a “self-preservation” process, limiting the usage of stored body fat as fuel. This can go on for weeks, or often times longer than someone’s desire to continue the program when they’re not seeing results. Inevitably, they become “dropouts.”


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