What Is the Best Weight Loss After Pregnancy Plan? What Can Help Lose a Pregnancy Stomach?

You have the fitness course, the posture, the  Cinderella Solution Review new diet, the exercise course and the new fandangled gadget that is guaranteed to curve your body into a beach god or goddess. Now all that you need is the time… and motivation. Time is something that you make. If you read any biographies of successful people, you will note that they had a good control of their time. But how did they get their motivation.

Actually, to get motivation or inspiration, you actually need to get engaged. When does a rock star, professional athlete or actor hang around hoping to get inspired any minute. “Just let the crowd wait, while I get inspired.” How many would be writers just sat in front of their typewriters or computer screens waiting for inspiration or motivation. Motivation will often come FROM THE DOING. This is where a few techniques can help you out.

The 5 minute solution. Whether studying, writing an article, cleaning the garage or exercising, you can usually do it for a lousy 5 minutes. Think about it. You just go for your 5 minutes and by then, you are inspired, ready to go. If I train for 15 minutes and still feel sick, tired or unmotivated, then maybe I really do need a rest.

Eating the Frog entails doing a dirty, undesirable deed each day. If you do not like exercising, then make that your Frog. After eating a frog, so to speak, the rest of the day is dessert. Get in the habit of doing something undesirable each day and things get easier. While in the army, serving in Croatia, I was once loading garbage bags on a hot day. One bag broke and the smell was enough to make you hurl. But, after that, loading sand bags was a breeze.

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