How Can I Be Rich?

Exchanging time for money: This is a technique Abundance With Money Review used by approximately 96% of people. In this method, you’ll have to provide your time and expertise whether you are working in the office or at home. Think of doctors, accountants, and engineers. What about you?

Using money to make money This second “how” is called investing. Only about 3% of people employ such a technique. This is unsurprising as you need money before you can use this method! Worry not; we will have articles on this topic soon.

Exchanging ideas for money Only less than 1% of the population use this technique yet they earn 86% of the money. Think Facebook or Google. Are they not just ideas? Are the founders not super rich? Can you not see? If you want to be middle class, get a job! Choose the first “how”; exchange your time for money. If you want to be richer than that, get great ideas! So here’s a technique that exchanges ideas for money but does not take up too much time. It’s called… The Multiple Sources of Income (MSI)

Well, before we explain what MSI is, let us first explain the concept of PSI. PSI = Primary Source of Income.A primary source of income is the job a person holds. This is the first “how”. A person with MSI has money coming from more than one source. For example, speaker and author of the Rich Dad Poor Dad book, Robert Kiyosaki has money coming from his royalties of his books, real estate, sales of the Cash Flow board game, speaking tours, business ownership, and commodities investment.

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