The Easy Way to Use Your Intuition During Major Life Transitions

Step 1 Gratitude. The first step is to be grateful Life Wisdom Matrix Review for whatever changes are going on in your life. The more grateful you become even if it seems like a more challenging situation, the better. The reason is because ever stage in your life is a lesson that you must learn, either easily or by being challenged. The moment you recognize your life changing as a learning lesson and to be grateful for the lesson the better you will get at the following steps.

Step 2 Feel the situation out. After doing the analayzing and all the logical steps to get to your decsion during a major life change, it is time to feel it out. Get quiet and meditate a few days (if that is needed) on the situation at hand. Feel the situation out by putting yourself in different scenarios. “How would I feel if I did A” or “How would I feel if I did B” The tricky part is to feel easy about this and don’t let the over-anlytical come back in. This is a feeling process.

Step 3 Will this matter 5 years from now. It’s time to look at the big picture after consulting your gut. Look at this from 5 years time, and will this really matter then? If so go for it, if not you may have to reconsider. The people that have the easiest times making big choices are generally people who are clear on their values. If they are clear on their values choices are easier for them to trusting their feelings and make the best choice at the time given.


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