Minoxidil Review – Is Using Minoxidil the Answer to Your Hair Loss?

Loss of hair can be caused by several different things. Stress to the body Halo Hair Gummies Review  caused by a major illness or surgery can cause a temporary loss of hair. A shift in the hormone levels of the body may attribute to hair loss. An increase or decrease in the thyroid hormone as well as female and male hormones can cause hair loss. This is why during pregnancy many women notice an increase in the fullness of their hair. On the other hand, men see hair loss because of an increase in dihydrotestosterone (DHT).

To restore the hair loss there are currently 4 options. The first option is a hair transplant. This procedure can be expensive and time consuming if you are an eligible candidate. The second option would be to get fitted for a wig, hairpiece or hair weave. Even with the latest advances in producing these, a large majority of the people are ultimately not happy with their appearance. The next method for slowing or preventing hair loss is seeing your doctor and getting a prescription for a drug called finasteride which is only for men. The drawback is it may take up to 6 months before you can tell if one of these medicines is working and it is expensive. The last option is an over the counter product that you apply topically to the intended area.


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