Lower Chest Exercises – For That Deep Thick and Muscular Looking Chest

Decline situps: These are performed on a decline bench. Keep DXN Code Strike Review your upper body straight. Place your hands behind your head, but do not use your hands to pull your head forward. Keep your elbows pointed outward. Raise your upper body as if your chin is being lifted straight up toward the ceiling. Do not bend your neck or roll your shoulders forward. To maintain tension on your abs, do not sit up all the way. Likewise, do not lower your back to a resting point. Keep your motion smooth and steady.

Do not bounce or jerk. Hanging-leg raises: Note that these are leg raises, not hip raises. Keep your hips stationary by lifting only your legs; do not push your hips upward. Raise your legs only to horizontal, and do not lower them all the way to the bottom;, maintain tension on your lower abs. Do not swing or bounce, and do not arch your back. Cable Curls: Kneel down on all four, take the cables in your hands and pull your elbows to your knees, extend up arching your back and return to your knees again.

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