Proper Skincare According to the Skincare Experts

Quit smoking, too. Not many people know that Nolatreve Anti Aging Review according to skincare experts, smoking produces free radicals in the body, which further damage the skin cells. Exposure to the sun and smoking are equally dangerous to the skin.

Stop using chemical- based creams and lotions. These are the common beauty products that you see in the market today. They temporarily make the skin look good; but, the permanent effects are seen inside the skin. The chemicals trap the toxins inside, which is very dangerous to the body.

On the other hand, there are things that you can take advantage of. One is the water. Drink lots of it, and follow the proverbial “8- 10 glasses a day” rule. This is for constant hydration and lubrication. The toxins are also washed off when you drink enough water.

Skincare experts also suggest munching on vegetables and fruits that are rich in antioxidants. These healthy chemicals fight off free radicals and other “enemies” of the body.

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