Figure Salary Tips – Does Internet Marketing Deserve the Hype?

I’ve talked to lots of people on and offline about marketing   Secret Online Goldmine Review online and all they could say was, “the people in it are scam artists” or “they’re all pyramid schemes” and I’m not upset with them because everybody is entitled to their own opinion.

But these people only have 3 views on online marketing:

1. Either they’ve tried it and seen no success so their sour whenever the topic comes up

2. They lack knowledge and just does not believe you can start a business online

3. Or They’ve heard from a friend of a friend that tried it and failed so they just assume it’s a waste of time

As an aspiring entrepreneur, the internet is one of the most profitable industries today. I strongly believe that marketing online deserves the hype because there are billions of targeted customers online looking for that niche product that you’re selling on daily basis.

Also online marketing is an industry that doesn’t rely on how the economy is doing. You can make a full time salary in the worst economic crisis with the power of internet marketing


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