Revealed – What Causes Hair Loss in Women and Possible Solutions

Hair loss is something that is normally associated with men, but the truth is that as many as 1 in 4 women suffer from hair loss of some sort. And, while the appearance of it is not normally as obvious as it is in men, nonetheless it undoubtedly has more of an effect on the self esteem; especially if it gets so thin that you can see the scalp. But what causes hair loss in women?

There can be several factors, and one of the fist places  Hair Envy Review that can be looked at is diet. If your diet is lacking in vitamins and minerals then this is going to effect your hair (and also your general well being); so the answer to this is ditch the fast food and eat more fresh food. But, additionally there are certain vitamins you really need to boost and they are B6 and B7. You can find these vitamins in certain food sources, but if you are suffering hair loss then ideally you want to get them as a supplement so that they have a chance to work for you. Vitamin B6 works because it gets more oxygen in the blood and you need this oxygen reaching your scalp to encourage good hair growth, but as well as that it metabolizes protein too and your hair is made of protein. B7 which is more commonly known as biotin is essential for hair growth, so much so that if you are totally deficient in it then you may have no eyebrows or eyelashes either.

B6 also helps your body to handle stress too and this can be another reason for hair loss in women as well as men. Stress at one time was released from out bodies through fight or flight but nowadays we carry all the stresses of working and running a family around with us and it has no real release, so it ends out doing things in our body like causing hair to fall out or creating ulcers. If this is you, then find some form of stress release and make sure you are getting that B6.


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