The Great Masters: An Esoteric History

Its about a journey of authenticity, in  Manifestation Code System Review which the person really has the freedom to discover who they are, what they want to be, and discover the blocks that stop them getting there. That sense of complete freedom is of course what frightens people, and often gets them rushing back to the idea that actually living a spiritual life is about doing good works, even if it wears them out in the process.

There are many different beliefs concerning religion. Fortunately, we in America have our freedom to worship God Jehovah, according to our heart. Meaning, we can worship the way we feel we should, whether it be our Lord, or to some, Satan. Let us look at the Christian doctrine, as taught through the King James Version Bible.

Love as proof There may possibly be a human being that would love someone enough to die for them without hesitating. Story Two young men were good friends. Bob was single. Joe was married with a new baby girl. One day a letter came saying Joe was drafted into the army. Bob immediately told his friend that since he was married with two precious people he loved and was responsible for, that he would take his place. So Bob went off to war, and one year later was killed in combat. He died for his friend Joe, taking his place. No words could express the gratitude Joe felt for his best friend.

A man named Jesus did die for someone else because He loved so much. John 3.16 tells about it. That someone else, is, every man and woman, boy or girl, that has ever lived or will live. The difference between an ordinary person dying for a loved one and Christ dying for all mankind is this. The Lord is perfect in all His ways, while man is not. Man is sinful. The Saviour has no sin.

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