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Similarly, every person should develop [business]  a personal [business] life plan – short and long term- to map out the direction for their goals. While most people nowadays know the value of a personal business plan and have knowledge of what a business plan should accomplish, but very few translate it to a personal business plan. So, what should be in your personal business plan.

Like a Business Plan for a business, you must identify and target your personal internal goals in broad terms. This will provide general guidance only and not identify how the goals established will be accomplished. These long range plan that show how the goals will be met are called STRATEGIC plans.

The broader view-personal business plan– identifies space and time for accomplishments for certain tasks you have identified for your life span. For the long term goals, you could look at every five years periodic time. In the shorter term, you could be looking at every year within the five years time blocks.

You may write it up to show that by the first five years you would accomplish whatever you have established as a worthy goal-the next five years-ABC etc., until you have accounted for your entire life span.-say 100 years. I hope you live longer than that. You should use a spreadsheet to do this and review it every year or whenever you want to see how you are progressing. By looking at it at regular intervals keeps you focused and provide you the motivation to stay on course and on track.

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