Frequently Asked Questions About Facet Injections For Pain Management

Does a facet injection hurt?A facet injection does Theramine Review involve sticking a needle through the skin. So there is some discomfort from that, however, pain doctors will administer some numbing medicine underneath the skin as well as in the soft tissues leading down to the joints. So it really shouldn’t hurt tremendously. Patients may also receive IV sedation before and during the procedure which also makes it easier to tolerate.

Is anesthesia necessary for a facet injection?By and large, patients do not need IV sedation for a facet injection. However, if the patient has issues with anxiety, or even claustrophobia, it may be a good idea to include IV sedation with the procedure. The way it can be done in between simply having local numbing medicine versus IV sedation is to have the patient intake an oral Valium or something of that nature 30 minutes before the procedure.

How’s the injection performed?By and large, patients are positioned on their bellies, known as being prone, for the procedure. Typically a real-time x-ray machine is used for the procedure, this is known as fluoroscopy. The area overlying the injection is sterilized and typically vital signs were monitored during the procedure especially if IV sedation is used. After the procedure, the patient is watched for a time. Then they are allowed to go home and usually the patient will need a ride to get home.


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