Your Success in Life Depends on Discipline and How You Respond to the Potholes in Your Road

What does a kayak trip have to do with success in life  Yantra Manifestation Review “Things turn out best for people who make the best of the way things turn out.” Art LinkletterMost of my pleasure pursuits in life involve water in one way or another. One favorite get-a-way is kayaking. I particularly enjoy spending five days floating down Sugar Creek in Indiana.

The stretch that I visit is about 30-miles long, and flows through Shades State Park and Turkey Run State Park. It’s scenic, near wilderness, full of wildlife, and extremely peaceful when you’re all alone.One of those outings I recall a thunderstorm popping up just I prepared to launch. My daughter and grandchildren helped me carry my boat and supplies to the water. We’d just finished loading when the rain started, and drenched us. We ducked under a bridge and talked while we waited for the downpour to pass by.

That storm gave me an opportunity to cancel my trip. Many people look for excuses just like that to justify their failures in life rather than study the problem, and find the opportunity for success that hides inside. They view those little potholes in their path as mountainous roadblocks, and decide they can’t get around them.They just give up, and giving up is a way of making sure that you stagnate in life.But I know that rain is nature’s way of watering plants so they grow healthy and strong. A good rain promised a trip full of majestic colors — a canvas covered with nature’s creativity.


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