The 5 Simple Rules To Follow To Transform Your Body Like Never Before In 30 Days Or Less!

First off, building lean muscle is by far the most Floraspring Review important type of exercise you have to do in regards to burning off fat and losing weight. Many people think it’s cardio. Although cardio is very important, building muscle has A LOT more benefits! You’ll increase your metabolism and you’ll burn off calories of fat AFTER you are done your workout (even 24 hours after)… to name just a couple of benefits!

Secondly, please understand that you DO NOT have to get gigantic muscles! You simply need to build lean muscle.Thirdly, the best type of resistance training I recommend is anything that works multiple muscle groups at once. This would be either/or body-weight exercise routines or compound weight training such as bench presses or squats.
For cardio, the best thing I recommend is anything that will skyrocket your metabolism. The 2 best types of cardio I recommend for this is H.I.I.T (high intensity interval training) or normal high intensity training.

An example for H.I.I.T is to do something like jogging for 2 minutes and then sprint as fast as you can for 30 seconds, and then repeat both for up to 20 minutes for a killer workout! An example of a high intensity workout could be circuit training using body-weight exercises or even something such as sprinting or high knee skipping.


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