Pain Is An Important Sensation

There many different types of pain and sometimes Cerisea Medica Review it is very difficult to exactly explain what feelings you are experiencing when you are in pain. Pain can be achy, sharp, shooting, dull, constant or on and off. It can begin in one area and be referred to other areas of your body making it difficult to know really what the source of the pain is. And a lot of times, pain is so intense that you don’t know how to quantify it – but you just want it to stop.

Pain can be classified under two umbrella groups: Acute and chronic pain.Acute pain is pain that results from a fall or injury. It can be mild or intense but usually resolves when the underlying cause of the pain is resolved. Untreated, acute pain may subside on its own, or it can lead to chronic pain.

Chronic pain lasts even after the underlying injury has been healed and can last for weeks, months or years. Chronic pain is characterized by tight muscles, functional limitations, can lead to depression, lack of energy, anxiety and fear of re-injury.

Pain is very difficult to deal with and can seem unmanageable. It can change you, effect your mood, change how you look, feel, walk. When you have pain in one area of your body it changes how you move – leading to kinetic chain dysfunction. This means that you may end up having pain in a different area of your body! Pain can be made worse by stress and can lead to depression.

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