Increase Your Energy and Spiritual Awareness With These 15 Tips

Supplements. There are many natural supplements that Manifestation Code System Review will help improve your health and make you feel better, if they work for and are needed by your particular body type. Some of our favorites include vitamin B-12, apple cider vinegar, omega-3 fish oil, raw virgin coconut oil, green tea extract, and many others.

No supplements for 1-7 days. Not all vitamins and supplements will work for all body types, and sometimes you need a break from them. Monitor how you feel while taking an occasional break.

More rest. When you can’t make more time for sleep and relaxation, ornithine, melatonin, vitamin B-3 niacinamide, gaba, and other natural sleeping aids can help occasionally, but don’t rely on them every day. Also make your bedroom more conducive to deep sleep by creating a dark, quiet, cool, and comfortable refuge for yourself.

Avoid toxic people whenever possible, especially if you’re spiritually sensitive and pick up others’ energy easily. Ground and surround yourself with white Light often for protection.


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