How to Stop Being Angry or Frustrated, Fearful or Disappointed

This is easier than you think. The first step is to make the decision.  Advanced Adaptogen Complex Review  If a person does something that makes you angry, it hurts you physically as we just described. Now, you have the choice. You can continue to tell that story to yourself and others, getting angry again every time you tell it, or you can let it go and forgive him or her.

Some politicians are still telling the 911 story, and this happened 9 years ago. There are children who were born that year who are in forth grade now and those politicians tell that story as if it was yesterday. And, how do you react when you hear it? Do you react as if it was yesterday?

We can make the decision to go back to the pre-911 world. We can make the decision to let Interpol and MI6 and the FBI and CIA take care of international criminals and terrorists. We can pull back our energy for use at home. We can pull back our energy for our cognitive and reproductive and digestive needs. We don’t have to send our energy out for continual defense.

Once you make the decision, you can use Sedona Method, Byron Katie’s The Work or Ho’oponopono. All of these are well described in Using the Law of Attraction for Abundance and Joy.

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