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In fact, Dublin taxi fare is quite less when compared to other capital cities of the world. A Taxi ride from the airport to the city center just costs you around 25€ so it’s just a matter of perception that people often think that Dublin taxi fare is expensive.With a standard charge of around 3.6€, Dublin taxi connects the whole city with an accessible yet affordable mode of transportation.

To eliminate all the possibility of confusion, the standard Dublin taxi fares does not flow like a tide but instead remains fixed throughout the day between 8 AM to 8 PM. Dublin is among those cities where the taxis are the most readily available source of commute throughout the cities. No matter what time or place, just book a taxi and within no time Dublin taxi will be at your service.Easy cab Dublin

Local and officials prefer using Dublin taxi rather than the buses or tube trains to travel to work or short distances. Reason being the easy availability of taxis at their doorsteps and it also saves a lot of time and effort in reaching the destination.Always be on time and never miss your important happenings by pre-booking the Dublin taxi with either a phone call or the website.

We provides best dublin taxi and shuttle services, such as getting our clients at airports, ports and train stations and giving support services at congresses, events and shows, besides organizing trips to the most varied destinations.Easy cab

A highlight of our activities is the City Tour – a dublin taxi service that takes our clients to any place inside or outside the city of Dublin, so they can get acquainted with what the city and the outskirts have the to offer at best.

Besides the safety, quality and professionalism, we pride ourselves for the comfort we offer to our guests. We dedicate the upmost care to deliver to our clients the necessary well-being during their trip, counting with a modern fleet of vehicles to tend to their needs.

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