Attract Protection With Armanen Rune THOR

Attract the Norse God Thor and his Rune Ultra Manifestation Review Thorn into your life for protection. We live in very dangerous times. Not only is it very dangerous to walk the streets at night, it is also very dangerous to be passive. When I talk about passive I do not mean only physically passive, I mean mentally passive as well.

The new Laws of Quantum Physics have revealed to us several important scientific facts. As our solar system spirals through our Galaxy we enter different Galactic energy fields of Ages. Every time we enter a new energy field we need a new paradigm to live by.

The astrologers have classified these fields as ages. The Age of Pisces, which we have been in for the past 2000 years is gone. And now the Age of Aquarius, which we will be in for the next 2000 years, is with us.

Each age brings with it different energies; different rules on how to use these energies and a new way to live our lives. The Laws of Quantum Physics will be the new bible for some and the new Edda’s for us.

These laws tell us that thoughts are things and that all is energy. We are energy beings and we are constantly sending and receiving energies. We receive other’s thoughts. What kinds of thoughts are we unconsciously receiving from others that are acting upon us?? Danger. Danger. Danger. We are allowing others to control our minds and actions.

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