Marketing Your Business – Most Ignored Marketing Rule #8 – Claim it First and You’ll Own It

Keep your reader in mind the entire time that you  DNA Scalper Review are writing. Remember that the reason that they clicked onto your blog, article, etc. is because they have hopes in finding the information that they need. They are vulnerable and are trusting themselves in your hands. Not too much could quench the fire of that trust that they have in your expert advice like a typo. Even though we all know that we are human and all humans make mistakes the tendency to lose faith in an article comes into play as soon as a typo is discovered.

Typos in articles and blogs lead to a bad experience for the reader as well as the writer. The reader will lose confidence in the article and may not be able to gain the full benefit of the knowledge that is contained in the article. Sometimes the reader becomes so turned off by the typo that they decide not to click through on links to sales pages that they would have otherwise clicked through.

Even if they do click through, that article or blog post with the typo is more than likely the first impression that the consumer would have of you. This impression, as first impressions do, will linger and follow the consumer through the sales page and order page hindering the sale. When you are constantly writing and rewriting blog posts, articles, etc.

You might find yourself becoming a little desensitized to the need to proofread your copy three to four times before publishing. Guard against this tendency with all of your might. Go through a proofreading checklist. Read through your copy a couple of times then put it away for about a half an hour then return to it and read through it again.

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