Say Goodbye to Annoying Heel Cracks Forever!

Have you been plagued with persistent dry skin heel cracks End Of Gout Review    that make it painful if not impossible to wear open backed shoes or sandals I’ve got a secret weapon to fight this annoying problem! But before getting to that, let’s start at the beginning and talk about routine!

If you want to say goodbye to heel cracks you’re going to need to develop a routine. Well the first and foremost method for controlling heel cracks is to always keep a good foot file on hand for sanding down dry scaly skin. I keep one in the bathroom and use it over the toilet. My favorite foot file is called a Swedish rasp. It has a rough and a not so rough side. It also has a plastic “nubby” side on the handle which is great for scraping off dead skin after getting out of the shower. It’s simply the best rasp on the market!

Daily filing cannot be stressed enough. It is THE best way to keep callouses thinned out, and the less dead skin which accumulates on your feet, the less chance of developing painful heel cracks. That’s the good news, here’s the bad. If you’re really over weight, your chances of developing these cracks are much greater and more difficult to control. Excessive weight and/or standing on hard surfaces for extended amounts of time flatten out the fat pad on the bottom of your heels. Just like a tomato being squashed, tends to develop cracks in it’s skin, the skin on the sides of your heels will open up under pressure. The less accumulated dead skin and the more moist the skin is, the less the damage will be. To sum it up, losing the weight would be so beneficial, but avoiding long periods on your feet, and following a regular routine of exfoliation and moisturizing will definitely improve your overall results. So on that note, let’s talk about moisturizing!


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