Causes And Solutions To Your Early Orgasm Problems

Kegels are exercises that develop your PC muscle. The Advanced Prostate Formula Review PC muscle is a muscle in your groin area that you use to stop the flow of your urine in mid-stream. It is designed to stop urine but cannot contain a more powerful ejaculation. However, if you work the muscle by repeatedly flexing it sometimes shallow and quick and sometimes deeper and longer variations then you can build it up to the point where it will hold back an ejaculation with no problem. A sensible workout is around 100 repetitions per day and it takes around 4 to 6 weeks to build your muscle up to this point.

When you have achieved this, you simply hold the muscle to prevent ejaculate from escaping. This technique is not simply a mechanical one of holding back but you can still enjoy a full orgasm, minus the ejaculation. By repeating this throughout the night, many men achieve what they call the male multiple orgasm.

Anesthetic products are pretty much guaranteed to stop you prematurely ejaculating. You can use a delay condom or a special spray in order to deliver the active ingredients to where they are needed.

One of the downsides to this cure is that you also lose some sensation. You can think of this as equivalent to drinking a glass of orange juice or a double-sized glass of orange juice that contains the same amount of juice but is topped up with water. It may last longer but the experience will be inferior that with the first glass.

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