Time for yourself: manual lymphatic foot massage or Breuss back massage

Body to Body Massage

(Lym) fabulous massage awaits!

Take time for yourself and let yourself be pampered by masseuse Tina – you can choose a manual lymphatic massage, after which your feet will be light as a feather, or Breuss back massage, which relieves pain and beautifully regenerates intervertebral discs.

Manual lymphatic massage

Its main function is to drain excess intercellular fluid into the lymphatic system, which drains all pollutants and foreign substances from the body and maintains the immune system. If the lymph is blocked in certain parts, harmful substances accumulate, swelling, inflammation, chronic fatigue, fat deposits and cellulite can occur.

Using a special tactile technique, the masseuse stimulates the lymph to reach the lymph nodes, significantly improving the body’s self-cleaning ability and strengthening the immune system.

Breuss back massage

It significantly regenerates intervertebral discs and relieves back pain – by gentle touches the vertebrae move away from each other so that the disc has enough space. Regeneration is supported by St. John’s wort, which penetrates the spine.

Acupressure points are stimulated, which are located along the spine and thus have a positive effect on the internal organs. When magnetizing at the end of the procedure, healing energy flows into problematic areas. By adding touches from classic massages, its effects extend to the neck and shoulders.

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