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Massage was already used in ancient Greece as a treatment for sports and wounds of war. Currently, it is still the most frequent manual therapy and is used primarily to relax muscles, relieve muscle tension and reduce stress. Massages can be beneficial to treat some symptoms that suffer from people with multiple sclerosis. In what cases is this manual therapy recommended and what improvements can it entail?

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Being one of the most common body treatments in the world, there is a great variety of types of massages. The most common is Swedish massage, which combines traditional manual techniques such as fast movements, deep, circular, compressing, etc. On the other hand, the therapeutic bath with hot water is not recommended for people with MS since it may aggravate some symptoms, such as the feeling of fatigue or the weakness of the legs. In contrast, the bathrooms with cold water are indicated to reduce the spasticity. Given all this, what kind of massages are advisable in each case?

Massages have no effect on the development of MS, but they can help reduce stress, induce relaxation and improve some specific symptoms.

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