Full body massage: a unique sensation of well-being and relaxation


Feel the welfare that full body massage provides you!

Full body massage is an ancient Indian massage that combines different body techniques related to Reflexology, Shiatsu, Swedish Massage and Chiromassage.

The professionals of Autonomy and Neurorehabilitation using techniques such as amassments, vibrations, stretching and pressure on 148 specific points of our body located along the meridians, muscles and joints to stimulate the body and achieve maintain or recover health .

It is made with comfortable clothes and with a massage bed, this makes it a technique different from the rest of massages with bed or futon where essential oils are used.

The goal of the full body massage is to eliminate energy blockages and tensions while also allowing a deep state of relaxation and inner well-being that helps the body to improve the elimination of toxins, harmonizing the dispersion of energy vital to the body.

Autonomy and Neurorehabilitation are specialists in making you feel good!

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