gaze beauty listen to your friends – If you decide on letting others know about your choice to lose your pregnancy weight, you may get responses like “You’ve lost enough”, “You don’t need to lose anything, just focus on your baby”. If you are unhappy with the extra pounds you have put on and after months you still having lost any weight from pregnancy then make it work. After all, all that matters is what you think not what others think. If you aren’t happy don’t let others try to dissuade you. If anything it could be that they are trying to stop you for the gaze beauty wrong reasons i.e. they might not want you to succeed where they have obviously failed!2. Enjoy the journey – Although we desperately want to get our figures back, it really is worth slowing down and enjoying the journey. You want to make your changes lifestyle changes. If you think you can go back to old habits after you have lost weight think again! You can’t and why would you when it has just made you unhappy and fat? Exercise and eating healthy are good things to do and they are positive things to do. Don’t treat them with dread!1. Set realistic goals – You can lose 40 pounds of pregnancy weight In a week if you exercise for 4 hours daily and only eat breakfast. That is totally ridiculous but many people set unrealistic expectations like this. You won’t lose 40 pounds that quickly and you definitely won’t do it by starving yourself. Sit down and make some realistic goals. Making smaller goals and making them frequently will help you lose and lose quickly.Food cravings last for only 10 minutes. When you feel the urge to eat something, concentrate other things first such as taking care of your baby or doing the dishes. You can do anything as long as it will divert you your food craving. If this does not work, slice a lemon wedge and then nibble the on the pulp. It will help you lose cravings easily.Losing weight at any time of our lives can be tough. It is particular tough after pregnancy because we have been used to eaten much more food than normal in order to provide enough nutrients for our gaze beauty baby. Now it is time to lose that baby weight and relying on breastfeeding alone will not help. Below are 6 tips to help you on your way to weight loss heaven.Proteins actually keep you full for a longer period of time. If you eat it in the morning, you are less likely to feel hungry the rest of the day. Instead of eating bread, which often fills you up easily but makes you feel hungry the rest of the day, cook egg white omelette instead. Make wiser food decisions and do read labels. Instead of gaze beauty purchasing the new diet burger, why not whip up a nice, light and delicious tuna sandwich? Instead of drinking diet soda, drink water instead. When you are ready to do some serious dieting and exercising, you can use the following tips as your get-back-into-shape guide: Just because the label says it is low-fat does not mean it really is. It may be low in fat but high in starchy carbohydrates and other fattening substances. This is the most common fad diet we know of today and something we should ultimately avoid.

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