Dynamic Keto Fasting greatly affects all systems of human organs, especially if you decide to fast for the first time. If you refuse to take the usual food for a long time, you should know: this is a huge burden for the body. And mental, first of all. Usually eating gives us emotional pleasure. We all have our own taste preferences, diet, favorite dishes. When you refuse such simple, earthly joys, it becomes noticeable that nervousness and dissatisfaction take hold of us. In this regard, it is not enough just to abandon the usual food in fasting, you still need to try to spiritually cleanse yourself. For people who are healthy from the point of view of medicine, fasting will be very useful, since a person who does not have chronic diseases, it is even necessary to adhere to a strict diet. But a strict diet is strictly contraindicated for people with diseases such as stomach ulcers, pancreatitis, gastritis. These people should consume dairy products, ground meat, protein omelettes, which are forbidden for fasting, as a result of which the patient will lack the protein necessary for the body. A healthy person can make up for this deficiency with vegetable proteins. But coarse vegetable protein is not suitable for such patients, because it can cause an exacerbation of the disease. For the same reason, fasting menus and diabetics, as well as kidney diseases, are not recommended. After all, they already have a fairly strict diet. It is impossible to limit the nutrition of pregnant and lactating women, young children and adolescents during puberty in animal proteins, as they are the “building material” for full growth and proper development. Orthodox Christians fast for almost two-thirds of the year. Therefore, even healthy adults, it is very important to know what safe food consists of on fasting days when you can not eat meat, fish, eggs, kefir, cottage cheese and other dairy products. Many switch to cereals, potatoes, pasta, dried fruits and other high-calorie foods, which is not suitable for overweight people. The answer to this question must begin with the fact that in each individual case there should be individual recommendations, taking into account the state of health of the fast and the features of his anatomy and physiology. In addition, keep in mind that depending on which post is coming up and what you want to lose weight for, the degree of nutritional restrictions can vary. When you are conducting a weight loss course to improve your health, you can ask your priest to allow small deviations from the general norms of honor. Usually such exemptions are allowed. A strict balanced diet differs from traditional fasting only in two points: vitamins and protein. As for vitamins, it makes sense to use vitamin complexes during the fasting.

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