Some caress soothe and immerse themselves

Provexum UK Some caress soothe and immerse themselves in the ocean of sensuality, others excite and take fantasies into the realm. Any of these options can be beneficial for the couple. They help each partner to recognize their pleasure, which is important for the successful development of sexuality. Reason to think The reaction of the woman was natural: she wanted to turn everything into a sexual game, to share the pleasure. The husband was not ready for this. He says that the partner “was not up to par”, this is how the psychological mechanism of the projection works: he attributes her feelings to her. He was not ready to let a woman into the zone of his intimacy. Many women have hypertrophied guilt feelings. In this case, behind this is the illusion that you need your man and you can have it all, if it does not work, it means that you are to blame. Meanwhile, most men need some degree of freedom. Therefore, the invasion of this sphere is often perceived as a violation of intimacy and causes a protest. It is not worth dramatizing. Do not impose or prohibit yourself any affection. Why not just play if it remains a game. It is important that masturbation is fun. The reason to think appears if it becomes the only kind of sexual life. We had no idea what this new game could lead to. We liked to watch how the other caresses himself, or to find out that he was just doing this, it was exciting. But over time, we somehow quietly moved away from each other. Spend the next weekend under the sign of pleasure. Gourmet food plus gourmet petting – and calories just melt away! From pleasure! Two hours of pleasure on a white sheet – this is what you will need. 38455 If you are on a diet, then your life turns into endless and counting calories and combating harmful gastronomic habits. What kind of joy there! In addition, your beloved feels deprived, because you no longer cook his adorable fried potatoes with onions and chicken Kiev, and even in the gym, you are exhausted so much that there is no strength left for bed battles. And your communication is reduced to the discussion of low-calorie dishes and new exercises for the oblique abdominal muscles. Try to spend the next weekend so that to please your chosen one and support the form!

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