Doosan pitcher Jin’s live pitching “Convention, I’m satisfied with my pitching.”

The Doosan Bears will return to Korea after training in Japan.

Doosan Bears coach Kim Tae-hyung and a team of coaching staff departed for Okinawa, Japan on January 31. The Korean national team, which finished its training and evaluation match in its field training, will arrive in Korea on Tuesday.

Doosan, which had been scheduled for the match against Chunbaek on Thursday, replaced the field with a live pitching to prevent injury to its players.

Seth Hurankov, Jang Won-joon,토토사이트 Lee Yong-chan, Lee Young-ha and Ham Deog-joo have started to check their condition.

Hurinkov pitched 46 balls in three innings with a fastball of up to 150 kilometers. “There are some things to improve and supplement with through a trial game, but so far, pace is getting better and generally satisfied. “I think we will be able to be more disciplined and disciplined in the future if we

Jang Won-joon, who digested his second live pitching, said, “Since it’s his second pitch, I’ve increased the number of pitches a little bit. This is a step that continues to raise one’s physical condition. We will increase the number of pitchers through exhibition games and check their condition and balance further.

Lee Yong-chan (50 ball) and Lee Young-ha (52) pitched three innings each.

“I checked balance with fastball and change ball today, and I’m satisfied with it,” said Lee Yong-chan. I had the best pitching balance in this camp. His physical condition is also improving as planned. “We will maintain our pace to welcome the opening of the season.”

Lee Young-ha, who threw a maximum of 146 kilometers, said, 안전놀이터 “We have been able to secure fast ball speed and good ball control. “I think if I keep in shape and care about my physical condition, I will be able to make it to the opening stage in perfect condition.”

After only one inning, Ham Duk-joo said, “I tried to throw it according to my balance. I didn’t care about the restraints, but I checked the switchboard, and it was better than I thought. “We will continue to increase our pace through exhibition games.”

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