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I’ve been reading a lot about car seat laws in california seat safety- when to turn the seat around (not until at least 2 is the new recommendation) and what to do about bulky winter coats. Here, lets get you prepared for disposal, it’s time for a diaper change, it’s time for disposal. Now, the trash men will be here to pick you up in a few minutes. I think I hear the trash men. Lets go to the window, and watch as they do the baby’s dirty diapers. See, look, they have marched him outside, made stand beside the truck for a second, while they make room for his diapers. Look, now they are lifting him up into the truck and then laying him onto his stomach. Now, they are dumping his wet diapers, all over him.” Said Lauren as see explained to Claire, what they are doing with her baby that she threw away.

Green World is becoming a house-hold name throughout Africa including South Africa, Botswana, Swaziland, Cameroon, Ghana and D. R. Congo since its official operation only months ago. More and more African people are benefiting both physically and financially by distributing the Green World products, many of them enjoyed the Green World products so much so that they nicknamed the Green World Chinese herbal products as God-sent “Magical Oriental Herbs”.

District 113 will be doomed to a “do-nothing” effete board unless and until Deerfield and Highland Park residents rise up and demand transparency and accountability. As a District, we cannot allow the School Board to go on like this forever, underperforming and playing musical chairs, recycling board members when convenient. We must demand better and hold School Board members, administrators and staff accountable. We will have the School Board we deserve.

The good news is that today and tomorrow the temperatures are rising! I took the blanket off the mare and can start getting the hawk ready to hunt again. The truck is running, started up this morning and I got a lot more sleep than I did on the last few hard nights.

Demographics aside, adult diapers are an attractive business in their own right—they sell for as much as 2.5 times more than infant diapers, resulting in higher profit margins, and there’s also a lucrative sales channel to institutions like hospitals and nursing homes. Marketing to consumers can still be a minefield (as the parody ad from Saturday Night Live, below, demonstrates) but diaper manufacturers—confident that the embarrassment factor can be overcome—are determined to push the envelope.

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