Why Talent Is at the Forefront of the Gig Economy

Driving Trends of the Talent Economy

Many trends are driving this new talent economy. The emergence of the internet globally has allowed talent to connect with companies anywhere. In the past, you had to be located in the same physical place and commute every day to work. Now, with the power of apps and remote communication, you can use your technical skills to log in from anywhere and provide value to companies. These trends have created more equality in the balance of power between workers and corporations than ever before for this open talent economy.

How the Growth of SMEs and Startups Has Affected the Talent Pool

Just a few years ago, there were a lot fewer startups and SMEs hiring in technical roles. However, with the startup boom that started in Silicon Valley and quickly spread to the rest of the world, people need better technology infrastructure and IT than ever before. This is to deliver quality service, speed, and fidelity in communications, security, and user experiences. The talent pool has thus shrunk for these companies in the open talent economy, making these skills more in demand.

Customer Demands are Increasing, Leading to Specialization

The IT and telecom fields have grown immensely in the last couple of years. This is largely due to a customer demanding more from their technology and startups that they use every day. Using the FE platform (FieldEngineer.com) is a great way to connect with these companies that need to hire workers like you that have a specific technical skill that is hard to find otherwise.

SMEs Save on Costs and Headcounts with Specialists Full Time

Businesses need to control their costs. If they have expenses that outweigh their revenues, they could eventually go under from not being able to pay their bills, investors, and employees. For this reason, they are very open to measures that can give them cost savings. One of these strategies is lowering their overall headcounts by hiring specialists instead of in-house workers. This is great news for people who want the freedom to pick and choose gigs at will.


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